Natural Medicine Works

Integrating the Wisdom of Nature with Modern Scientific Research
Naturopathic Medicine-For the Whole Family

Welcome to Natural Medicine Works

Natural Medicine Works is a naturopathic and integrative medical practice run by Coleen Murphy, ND.
A Bastyr University trained naturopathic doctor, Dr. Murphy offers primary care services for all ages and
has an office in downtown San Francisco, with a satellite office in Berkeley, California.

Core services include Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Naturopathic Counseling and Advanced Bodywork. Embedded within these services is a strong commitment to client education. Guided by a holistic philosophy,
Natural Medicine Works strives to achieve the highest level of health and vitality for those we treat.


Naturopathic Medicine
 Chinese Herbology
Physical Exams
Onsite Dispensary
Insurance Super Bills
Natural Fertility Services
Diagnostics and Lab Work
Pediatrics and Maternity Support
Regular PAP and GYN Exams
Vitamin B12 Injections
Home Visits
Full Homeopathic Intake
Phone Consultations
Shipping of Herbs and Supplements

Guided 21 Day Detox

The main office is centrally located in San Francisco at the Flood building at Market and Powell streets.

Appointments are also available in Berkeley at the Berkeley Acupuncture Project at the corner of Martin Luther King and University streets.  I schedule a limited number of phone consultations and make occasional house calls.

contact us for more information.

Why choose me as your doctor?

I will devote a full 90 minutes to your first visit ,which will start on time and end on time. There are no overlapping appointments. I take time to get to know all aspects of your life that contributes to your overall well-being. No dangerous drugs or interventions are used, but the natural therapeutics and touch that  I use is powerful medicine and will address the root cause of your problem. By strengthening your bodies natural defenses and healing by 'peeling away the layers of the onion',  we can reveal the true cause of your chief health concern and work together to bring wellness.

I offer basic check-ups, perform routine physicals, order labs and draw blood on-site, as well as offer annual pap and gyn exams. All this happens within our cozy office, one on one with Dr. Murphy.


Dr. Coleen Murphy, ND, MSAOM, is a California licensed Naturopathic Doctor and nationally certified acupuncturist.


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