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I just started working with this newly released product from a new company, Tesseract, founded by the scientific driving force of Thorne nutraceuticals, Al Czap.

“By overcoming the traditional limitations of bioavailability, Tesseract’s patented technology gives the medical community a critically important weapon to reliably and properly deliver nutrients throughout the complete gastro-intestinal system.” said Mr. Czap in a press release announcing the new product.

The idea of a link between short chain fatty acids and autism gained traction in a 2006 scholarly article that has been cited over 200 times. The title, in part, “Possible role of short chain fatty acids on the pathogenesis and characteristics of autism spectrum disorders”. The rise of the ability to quickly scan the DNA of the gut microbiome as well as the research that led to this patented product shows that the cause and effect puzzle of Autism is starting to have an outline.

This product release signifies hope and promise for ASD patients and their families, but also short-chain fatty acids have the ability to help those with auto-immune digestive disorders, obesity and many other health issues that both emerge from and cause, gut dysbiosis. Tesseract has only one more product to date, it is  Pro-Butyrate, and it is meant for digestive disorders and solves one of the major disincentives to patients taking butyrate; which is the stinky smell, gross taste and burping

Will this new medical food claimed as “Disruptive Medical Technology” get results? I am going to find out as my first order just arrived. I am glad Tesseract is offering their products on Natural Partners as I have a long standing relationship with them and they provide CA residents tax free shipping from AZ. You can get a free account to buy Tesseract, Thorne and other high quality nutraceuticals by registering with Natural Partners, there is a link on my Store page.

In health, Dr. Coleen Murphy ND, LAc.

Tesseract Press Release